Omnivore Adventures is:

  • A collection of recipes to share with family and friends, and you! Whenever possible, we* use local, sustainable ingredients, so expect to see seasonally appropriate dishes for the midwest.
  • An adventure in cooking and eating. We’ll try new things (well, new to us, but sometimes using traditional methods of fermentation, curing, etc.) and share the results: good, bad & ugly.
  • Collections of thematic menus. We love to entertain, and celebrate food for bringing people together. So, expect to see suggestions for brunches, lunches, dinner parties, theme parties, and more over time.
  • An exploration of slow food, artisanal eats and drinks, and the people behind them. Also: Why without them, we’re screwed.
  • We is me, Laurel Miltner, and my partner Brock. This is us at Promontory Point in Chicago:

Brock Casper and Laurel Miltner at Promontory Point Chicago












Be warned: There will be swearing.

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