Hi, I’m Laurel Miltner.

Laurel Miltner drinking beer at Lakefront Brewery in MilwaukeeChicagoan by way of Cleveland, by day I’m a digital marketer and by evening and weekend I’m a passionate home cook that loves to try new recipes, make some up from scratch, and feed my friends and family. You might call me a slow food and beverage enthusiast; please don’t call me a foodie.

Chicago is one of the best food cities in the world, so I’d be amiss not to spend time running around the city and trying new restaurants and bars – while also frequenting some neighborhood staples.

I’m not a professionally trained chef or cook, but over the years I think I’ve honed my skills enough to share some things with anyone who might find them useful. More than anything, I’m starting this site for friends and family who ask for recipes, but if a community comes from it, that’d be pretty cool.

I’m hoping in time to expand into talking with people who are also passionate about slow food and beverages: Restaurant owners, servers, brewers, farmers, and more. I think food is something that too many people think of only for its deliciousness, and it’s important that we extend the conversation to food sourcing and production, quality, and its environmental and social impacts – both good and bad.

Who is this Laurel person and what the heck does she know about food?

  • I eat a lot, and a lot of things.
  • I have way too many cookbooks (and books about food) and read them like literature.
  • I spend an average of 10 hours per week in my kitchen.
  • I try, test, document, and refine dishes that I make time and again.
  • I play a lot in the kitchen, and enjoy things that might seem intimidating like canning, curing, pickling, and making homemade pastas.
  • People tend to like what I make.

Follow me for food-related adventures and other things in life: @laurelmackenz on Instagram.