Asparagus, egg & bacon pizza

I (Laurel) love asparagus in the spring. It’s a sign of all the produce coming in the next few months, and delicious to boot. These past few months, we’ve made a lot of asparagus dishes, but one of my favorites every year is this asparagus, egg and bacon pizza recipe that I stole frequently borrow from Michael Ruhlman.

Except I almost always use a no-knead pizza dough

… that I found here, and converted to weight instead of volume measurements. For 2-3 pizza crusts: 10 oz water, 3/4 T yeast, 1/2 T kosher salt, 1/2 T turbinado sugar or honey (or white sugar if I’m lazy), just <2 oz olive oil, 15 oz flour.)

asparagus egg bacon pizza
My pizza in the oven
asparagus egg bacon pizza
Ruhlman’s perfect pizza

^^Not TOO shabby an attempt, yeah?

What makes this dish exceptional is using great ingredients

… so I hit the farmers markets and local shops for:

… And then I topped it with some amazing truffle salt that Brock’s sister gave me, and shared the pizza with her and a friend. Because the best best food is that you share with those you love. 🙂 asparagus egg bacon pizza

asparagus egg bacon pizza
Ruhlman’s perfect pizza, sliced.

^^ I mean it’s obviously not going to come out looking like a pro chef and photographer’s … but I was happy.

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