Where’s the best sushi in Chicago?

This post is a work in progress, which we’ll add to over time, but so far, in our Chicago sushi battle:

Usagi Ya > Sushi Para M > Blue Fin > Rolls n Bowls

Usagi ya  is legitimately tasty. They have an appetizer called steak tataki that is incredible. Standout rolls include: godzilla maki, fireball maki, snowball maki.

Sushi Para M comes in second (so far) solely because it’s all-you-can-eat for $19. Caveat: You literally have to eat everything you order, or else the charge you for it. The gyoza are quite tasty, and so are some of the apps. The sushi is mediocre to maybe good. BYOB!

Blu Fin was good, but nothing amazing. The decor is pretty cliche and haphazard, and the tunes just don’t jive the cuisine or vibe. As far as the food itself it concerned: The gyoza were only OK–crispy but not great flavor. For rolls, we had the orange dragon, bluefin fire, ronin and volcano roll. Both of our favorite was the orange dragon. We also enjoyed the volcano roll, except that the seared salmon was overdone. The bluefin fire was good but not standout, and the ronin was too one-note texturally–would have been better as sashimi. Blue Fin is BYOB, but with a $2.50 corking fee per person. 

Rolls n Bowls: The bonzai mushroom appetizer is super tasty. Gyoza were also good and really crispy. The ramen is a huge portion and yummy, but not amazing-umami-wowness that you want in a ramen broth. Spring fever roll was pretty good. BYOB!

rolls n bowls sushi chicago

Date night at Rolls n Bowls


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